Center for Veterinary Care

236 East 75th Street
New York, NY 10021


  • 10/1/13
    CVC is a full hour drive from my home in Brooklyn but we switched to CVC because the care our dogs get here is above and beyond...the perfect combination of compassion and science. We have older dogs with special needs and they are treated like superstars from the moment we walk starts with the bright, happy staff at the desk!
    I especially love CVC for pugs, bostons and the breeds that need incredible care and caution when going under for any procedure.
    We love CVC!  - Galadriel M.
  • 10/1/13- I started taking our cats to Dr. Schwartz in Millbrook, NY 3 years ago.  He was amazing.  2 of our cats have very serious illnesses and he has been wonderful with them.  I was happy to discover he was also in NYC.  Even though we live in Tribeca I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Since Dr. Schwartz is not always there we also started seeing Dr. Leonard who is also amazing and loves our cats.  Both doctors are warm, compassionate and care about your pet.  They always follow up and return calls immediately.  Una and the rest of the staff are always very helpful and friendly.  A real find! - Valarie Y.
  • 10/1/13- I have been taking my PBGV dog Stella to Center for Veterinary Care for almost 11 years and she has had the best care ever!  She is my first dog, and it has been a wonderful experience.  I always reccomend them to freinds and clients. Dr Schwartz has been her doctor since day one, and he is brilliant, thorough, patient, warm and caring.  He has preformed a few surgeries on Stella and always calls me right after to let me know how she did.  He returns calls in a timely manner and always gives clear instructions and great  advice.  In addition to Dr. Schwartz, I  have  started to work with Dr Green the last few years and he is amazing as well.  In fact he did Stella's last surgery and she is running around like a puppy.  They also urged me to put Stella on a diet a few years ago, and I am sure that her weight loss has helped her through some of the healing process.  The receptionists are warm and attentive as well as the tech staff.  Stella LOVES them!  Una is the manager and she has been so wonderful and supportive...from how to jazz up Stella's food when she's bored and not eating to day to day questions.  I feel like everyone at Center For Veterinary Care really cares, and I want to say thank you so much for all you do for Stella...and me!- Lisa R.
  • 10/1/13- Dr. Solomon has always gone above & beyond for all of the unique and never ending needs of our rescues.  Curly Tail Pug Rescue uses CVC for all of our needy medical dogs without hesitation.Dr. Cavanaugh, Dr. Greene, & Dr. Leonard are always more than available and go beyond the call of duty for our dogs. we simply could not be the rescue that we are without them.  The staff non-medical is stellar as well.  everyone is so helpful & patient with our never ending needs.  the love & TLC our rescues get is beyond anything we could have hope for.  we are truly blessed to be able to work with all of the staff at CVC on a regular basis.- Drea
  • 06/02/13- I have had an awesome experience with the Center for Veterinary Care. After the wonderful Dr. Rutter left the practice, Dr. Leonard joined the group and became our primary vet. I have nothing but great things to say about her! We rescued our dog Penny about a year and a half ago, and Dr. Leonard has consistently helped me navigate the ups and downs of pet ownership. In one instance, my dog got injured from a bone and was vomiting blood. Needless to say, I was terrified and crying in her office. Dr. Leonard not only helped Penny, but knew how to comfort and reassure me. She also went to bat for me when I tried to get the bone company to help pay for medical bills. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and always available for her patients. It's rare that a doctor will call purely to check up after an appointment, but this is standard for Dr. Leonard. Again, it illustrates just hows how much she cares. I also saw Dr. Cavanagh who was amazing - warm, knowledgeable, and - most importantly - very loving to Penny. Thanks, Center for Veterinary Care, for taking such good care of my best friend (and me!).  - Maya K.